Friday, February 26, 2010

YES!! I do "Airbrush"

Hi everyone sorry I have not been back to blog in a while but I was in NYC working for my boss Liz Cho for a few days and then I was working with  my Artist's on "Airbrush" Techniques.. I know that it is the most sought after question these days what is the difference with Airbrush, will it stay if I cry.. Well I am here to just give you some details with my experience of the past few years. Most of you can see just by some of my photo's that my technique is well-rounded..I have been trained by the "Best of the Best" in this Industry from being on the same platform working with Bobbi Brown to being on set with Celebrity Photographer's,Live TV,&Bridal I can give you my best definition of how I feel on Airbrush and what I use. I will also post some before and after's and you can go below to a link a posted a few weeks ago & see the video..  Working as a lead Make Up Artist for MAC Cosmetics and being in Management for over 5 Years with this company I did alot of research before I invested into this Airbrush Machine.  I use two types of machines and I will get into that in a minute..  But first I want to start of with my training.. While working with MAC I also began the world of Live National TV.. I was trained by a well established Make Up Artist that has been in this industry over "30" Years!(need I say more) the first machine I was taught on was "Kett" we worked and trained on the Anchor's on set when WABC/7 went HD- she should me ALL the Do's & "Don'ts"..

The Kett machine is what I use on set and the make up that I use is a Professional Brand that is mixed and match to make the perfect colors for certain individuals by "Toni Britton".. This make up is a slight heavier than what I use on my bride's, but I am not afraid to take it out if I have to if someone else needs a little more coverage..It will not crack and it stays with a light weight feel.   My second machine I use is from MAC PRO, NYC this compressor you can control the pressure this one I use mostly for my bride's..My other choice of make up is MAC Pro's Micronized Foundations..This is a great product,very light,with a nice feel.  I have used this product on shoot's and when we changed the look the skin stayed perfect I will post below Jessica Roffey(Guess Model)who is also above on my Blog Banner...   This is MY professional opinion and all of us "Professional's" have our own opinions so if you have other information on it from someone else please note this is "MY OWN" opinion I am not speaking for anyone else!  

Frequently Asked Question's:
Does is stay?  "YES", this product will stay but please keep in mind it is "Make Up" so it is not permanent

If I cry will it run? Ok, just remember layered on top will be your powder, your blush, etc. you want to make sure that you catch your tears. It will run if it streams out of control down your face.

Will it take away my wrinkles, will it hide them? No, this will not earase or remove only if it is a blemish, bruise, discoloration I can reassure that I can get it covered or have it fade but I can't have it earase anything (Darn!! I know it)

Tattoo Coverage-Can you get this OFF ME for the day? Most asked question.. I can! "BUT"..REMEMBER it is "MAKE UP" I will not lie to you I am a 100% honest at all times with you all and it is time consuming and the airbrush will also be set with other products.  If it is a summer day please keep in mind the heat, humidity,& if you are sweating it will start to move and rub off. I will and have done it many times, if you need it I will do it but it is not permanent.

Please if you have any other question's we are here..Write, Call we would love to hear from you.. Myself, Denise & Elena are all Pro's we can consult you on anything.. Find below are some photo's of my work and if you want to see anything else just send me an email and I am more than willing to send it on over to you!!

Model: Monique Cherie- SOHO,NYC/Rooftop with Stylist "David MCNight"
So I hope you enjoyed your Airbrush Session with Melissa :)  to see more photo's please click the Fan Banner of my FACE BOOK Page and you will see alot more!!  Thanks! Have an awesome weekend!!  I will soon list more dates when and where you can catch my work "LIVE" in March. 

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