Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Melissa's Bridal Make Up with Reality Star "Dina Manzo"

So has anyone ever wondered who gave "Dina Manzo" (Reality star of Real Housewives of NJ) her wedding day look? Well, it was me..Dina and I crossed paths just days before her wedding as she approached me on my opinion on false lashes, not knowing she was getting married for the first half hour until she was leaving and asked if I could come to her house in two days she was getting married and asked if I would mind if I was being tape for live television because VH1 was going to be filming for the reality show "My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding"!!(Incase you don't know me I am VERY camera shy&the thought real quick made me want to run..lol)   During Dina's make over we had alot of fun, alot of laughs.. She was a pleasure to work with

 I did not make Dina beautiful because she already is, but what I did with Dina was "Enhanced" her own unique features!!   Using multiple colors of MAC Eyeshadows (colors such as Folie,Haux,Naked Lunch,Embark,Sketch,a littel Smut&of course my favorite pigment Naked)End Lashes were applied, her lip color was Brownie Pink by Bobbi, Viva Glam V with Nymphette Gloss by MAC, Cheeks were highlighted by another favorite of mine "Belightful" shimmer & Blushbaby blush mixed with DollyMix by MAC

I also attended Dina's wedding and stayed by her side and made sure she was at all times camera ready, Dina's make up was free-hand and was not airbrushed, my choice of foundation on Dina was Luminous Silk by Armani

Please feel free to watch the link below:


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