Monday, February 15, 2010

NYC~Fashion Week~Fall 2010

I promised to be back with details and photo's.. Twinkle by Wenlan is the show I worked on in NYC Bryant Park..It is always an amazing time fun,fast&crazy..If you can't follow directions you should not be there..(LOL) How it works is we have a Key Artist who creates the look on a model for us (this is done one time only) the look that they create is to be replicated exactly the way you are shown to do before your model leaves the chair the Key will come and check if your look is not exactly the way you were shown it sometimes will be wiped off right there in front of everyone..(yyyiiikes right)  So my Key Artist for this show was so amazing his name was Gianpaolo Ceciliato along with him was MAC Cosmetic's Senior Artist Luke..

At this particular show we were each assigned two models both of my models were Ford Agency Models.. The skin was matted out using MAC-Face & Body with plenty of Invisible Powder on top dusted on with a large powder brush... Eyes dark and smokey with Nude liner on the inside all of the colors that were used on the eyes are not out yet for sale..but soon they will be in store to purchase.. Amazing look, detailed and lashes were placed on as well.  What happens is you must move quickly!My last model came in with a FULL FACE of make up from her last show&we couldn't get off her lashes..I got a tap on my shoulder saying you have FIVE minutes..Her eyes were pouring with tears from all of the rubbing & make up being put right on top..Which left me with runny eyes for my lash glue.. Here is a very smart suggestion make FRIENDS with the other Artist's if you don't know them I don't care what you think you will need them.. Luckily we had four of us on one girl (poor girl) we are trained to attack!!(ahha)We are trained to do this and we all know what the deal is,when she is pulled from your chair make sure you have pockets & get ready to run&chase after her... FUN FUN FUN! Then all the screaming begins!!!  Luckily she was completed and we all run to the line up with touch-up, lotions, & anything that is needed... It is amazing time and I am truly blessed to be in the midst of it all..

You can view more photo's shortly on my FB Fan Page....or watch below


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