Sunday, February 7, 2010

This past week

I am apologizing there hasn't been any updates in the past week..I am here real quick to fill you all in. I have been working and it has been super crazy this past week.  It has been "Trial-Mania" and we have been booking up a storm for 2010!!!! I also have been preparing for this week ahead which is "Fashion Week" in NYC once again I will be in Bryant park and this season I am working on the team with MAC Cosmetics!!!  It is always a fun, stressful crazy time but its so exciting and I will be sure to bring you all back some photo's!!!! In additional to all of this I have been working with my private client's such as this past Saturday I was on the Upper Westside in Manhattan at David Bryan(Keyboardist of Bon Jovi) apartment doing the make up for his fiance Lexi Quaas for their birthday bash in Gramercy Park.  Also, I will be introducing you all to my "Lead Artist" Denise DelRusso who is already an artist herself but has been training and shadowing with me on all these exciting events. Please bare with me this next week for it will be hectic but I promise to be back all ALL the exciting details.

Have a awesome week.. Email me with any questions that you may have and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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