Friday, March 12, 2010

Your *S*K*I*N*

The MOST IMPORTANT thing our canvas, our skin!! I don't know about you all but I know that I am totally obsessed with skin products!! We all know that if we don't take care of our skin it tends to either break out, age faster (Yiikkkes),get dehydrated etc.  Well get ready to meet the "MASTER'S" behind my skin and my skincare!!!   Carmel O'Neill and Mary Brady!!! They are my botox!! I have not had injections I see these wonderful woman that own The*Renew*Spa in NYC!! 

These two lovely ladies not only do skin, they do BODY TREATMENTS! I will be starting my (lower)Body Treament in just a few weeks! There it is the fabulous machine that makes us not afraid to put on that bikini!!! Also, if anyone has worries about discoloration on your face,upper body etc. these Renew Pads are amazing..I am addicted and they work! I use them on my face and upper body they have lightened my Malasma and took away a lot of my sun freckles on my chest&do not forget your moisturizer and serum!!
Another favorite product I can't live with out is "OBAGI"-Professional-C System!!My dose of morning O.J. right on my face!!!

This spa is exsclusive-"Private" and they cater to exactly what you need..
The Renew Anti-Aging Center, 109 East 73 Street, Suite 1B, NY, 10021
Phone: 1.212.452.1012
Treat yourself today at a reasonable price! Let them know Make Up Artistry by: Melissa D'Aloia sent you

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