Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why Hire a "Professional" for your "Wedding Day? Let us tell you why!

Here are just a few good reasonings from your top experts

It's your wedding day, your worth it aren't you?

Hiring a professional artist and stylist for your wedding day is smart, they will know how to create dimension on someone's face enhancing your own natural beauty and bringing out your own unique features. The trained professionals will know what to use and what not to use. Did you know certain products have ingredients in them that are not camera friendly? Are you worried about those loose bobby pins or annoying fly aways?  Then hiring a professional will ease all of these concerns and worries!  

Be stress free, compatibility is a must! 

You have probably been stressing up to this very last minute, the last time to relax is when you sit in that make up chair! After that mayhem will begin, so having a professional artist/stylist on hand that day is going to help you feel more at ease.  Don't have a friend or family member do it, they will also be rushing and trying to get themselves ready. Find that perfect person that you will be compatible with, that you can trust to do the job, and who will put you at ease. Trials are important, this is where you will find out if you are a good match with your artist/stylist.

You get what you pay for!!
I understand weddings are very expensive, from your venue, your dress, and the photographer etc. but keep in mind what you look like is going to complete "EVERYTHING". Picture putting on your dress that day with not being done up!!!  Hiring a professional make up artist/stylist come in a wide range of prices, go for the good reputation, fabulous reviews, fantastic portfolio, and don't worry about the cost. If the cost is a bit up there that means the professional is experienced (their typical range $200-$500). Usually the cost also includes the travel time to your location, kit fee, and product cost.  If you are going to look for someone in a low range budget this probably means they don't have too much experience under their belts. 
Why cheap out on your face and hair, its YOU, you’re wedding day never mind being camera ready, you want to be "Red Carpet" ready!!  

 Bridal party perfection

It's your day, the one day that every girl dreams of. You have chosen the ones you love to stand next you on this day so you want to make sure they look beautiful. Remember your photos are the life time memory! Your professional artist/stylist will take the time to make each one of your ladies look and feel their best. Not too much but not too little, a look or style that is just right for them. This will also avoid the one bridesmaid who loves too much glitter (giggle), no disco ball bridesmaids or the one gal who never wears make up and it will stand out in your photos.

Products!! Products!!...... Again, products!! (IMPORTANT)

Listen ladies you already have a zillion things to do, why go to a counter an blow a ton of money on products you will take home and forget how to use!  Let us do it, leave it to your professional. Your artist will have it on hand, they will know exactly how to prep your skin so it is flawless, they will know how to keep shine limited and they will know exactly what products run and don't run. Please do keep in mind make up is not permanent, but the best products will be used to keep it from running and your artist will know the best products that are water proof and water resistant!

"Knowledge is Power"
Why not use my best friend, sister, or anyone close to you..

NO!!!!!! Don't do it!!! I see it time and time again, you want to be the center of attention that day especially getting ready if you have someone close to you getting you ready they most likely will also be attending your wedding so therefore they will also need to get ready.  Your  bobby pins start to loosen, your curls are coming out.. HELP!!!! Its your wedding day, so confront your best friend who did it as she is rushing to get herself ready.. "It looks fine" I hear it all the time. So save yourself the headache and take our advice on this one!! You want to be the center of attention, its all about "YOU".. 

Please take a moment to watch this amazing video of our recent bride Ashley, she chose to have her morning relaxed and stress free.. See how it all turns out!!

Melissa D'Aloia
Melisa D'Aloia and Co.

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