Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Team with Alicia Vitarelli & "BuckWild"

You will see below some photo's of myself Melissa D'Aloia & Co. the "Power of Beauty" and Dawn Del Russo of "Bella Dawn Boutique" getting ready and preparing for our segmant with Alicia Vitarelli of NJ12's "Buck Wild" Shop for LESS!!!! 

What we have done is created 2 looks to show you how you can create a look that is simple and not over spending.

Beach look- this look is create by my artist of the Power of Beauty Team Denise Del Russo and owner of Bella Dawn Boutique Dawn Del Russo the complete look is just under $100 from entire wardrobe, shoes, accessories, full face of make-up ($25) shoes and handbag!!
Model for the beach look is one of my favorite client's - Bianca Monica please check out Bianca singing live http://www.myspace.com/biancamonicamusic

Denise Del Russo

Owner of Bella Boutique Dawn Del Russo with Model Bianca Monica

Cocktail Look- this look is created by both owner's Melissa D'Aloia and Dawn Del Russo this also is completed by just spending a little under $100. Make-up was fully completed with even a pair of cocktail corner lashes,foundation,bronzer,eyeshadow,liner,gloss,blush for just "30.00" and styled from head to toe for just $70.00
Model for cocktail look is employee/artist of Melissa D'Aloia & Co's Elena Miglino (also formerly known from MTV's Reality Show Paris Hilton's New BFF)

Alicia Vitarelli scoping out the "Bella"Boutique!!

So that was just a SNEAK preview for you all!! Stay tuned, check back this will air sometime next week!!
I also will be posting Alicia's blogger, NJ12, & much more... Check back for a list of what we used to create our looks!!

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