Friday, January 22, 2010

Sade Baderinwa's Make Over with Melissa

Most of us know the Sade Baderinwa who is famously known for her flawless beauty, she lights up the set on the 5:00pm Eyewitness News.. We all wonder at times what are they wearing, how did they get that look well I can give you some of those details.. Sade is flawlessly beautiful with out her make up  but of course for live television we need to just "Enhance" her "Natural" Beauty!!

Photo's below are taking this week Tuesday evening January 19th incase you were watching
Please Note: Bill was also given a make up application by me as well (free-hand) no airbrush anyone interested on his look just ask!

Sade Baderinwa's look is not created with Airbrushing I do it by free-hand!

Step#1- (Face is always fully moisturized before applying any product,)Foundation is applied with a wet sponge(my preference I never use a dry sponge) RCMA Foundation is used in 2colors to get her perfect color
-Schinto 11 & Iv RCMA Foundation

Step#2- for the most part I go directly to her eyes reason-being is that shadow will fall and I like to wipe before the concelear(keep in mind we are on a time crunch so all of this is being done the best way that works for me to get her out in time, there are no rules you can do it any steps on yourself that you would like)starting on the eyes I will list the shadow's used by MAC
- base on her lid is Bamboo  -ontop of the Bamboo is color Era
-crease Saddle  -with a little Mulch mixed in
-Browbone is highlighted with a very light concelear and blended in to give a faded look
-Outter corner Smut  -Underneath liner is also shadow Print-with Smut ontop
-Liquid liner ontop of eye by Make Up Forever (one of my FAVES)waterproof stay's on forever!!

Step#3-Concelear time- Salomn concelear by: Eve Pearl
Step#4-Powder- Mineralized Skin Finish in Med/Dark
Step#5-Blush by:MAC Razin with a little Plum Foolery mixed ontop 
Step#6-Contour on cheekbones Blunt Blush by:MAC
Step#7-Mascara by: Lancome
Step#8-Lip by Mac Ravashing with Eve Pearl gloss ontop.

There it is..Sade's look.. She is specefic on her look and I am able to give her the exact look that she needs therefore if anyone needs a lesson or would like me to create a specefic look don't be afraid to ask!! I hope you have enjoyed this make up session with the "Lovely" Sade and  I!! Feel free to go to my site and email me with any questions,colors, or any tips that you need!!!  One of my tips for doing make up on camera is to never over due it with "Shimmers" or never over due it with the "Foundations" unless needed.....

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