Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"IT'S HERE"... Mel's Blog!

W*E*L*C*O*M*E to "Melissa's Blog"

I know it has been awhile and I am finally going to start my own blog!! Although someday's there is not enough hours in one day for me so I will try to keep up with this as best as I can..If there is anything I am not chatting about please just ask me!!

I know most of you know a little something about me right?? Well I will give you a brief description and talk just a little about what went on in 2009 but it is now 2010 and "SO" much is about to happen! 2010 is going to be a fun and amazing year I know it already.... So let me just drift back a quick minute because being in the Local Union 798 for Live TV and Film these past years has been an adventure and 2009 was something to talk about...Alot happened for me and I want you all to know that with the support of "YOU ALL" it wouldn't had happened.. So I am thankful for all you!!!

  This past year has brought this coming year to another level I was not only working side by side with the "Best of the Best" in the industry I also had some great extensive training..I had the chance to team up and be apart of the "Eve Pearl Team" and work side by side the Emmy Award Winning artist herself..Also attending a Pro Master Class with Melanie Mills from "Dancing with the Stars"(my dream job).. Got a call to do Mariah Carey's make up but that day I was booked.. What stinks in this industry is you NEVER give up the job that is booked already!!It is not what us professionals do!!!!   Working another season "BackStage" with New York City's Fashion week..but this time GUESS WHAT??? You all will get to witness me working live on MTV for the show I worked with the City's Whitney Eve herself!!(I will let you know when it airs)  Mingling with the Kardashians, Kelly Ripa, Kathy Lee Giford, Regis, Magic Johnson and many more has been a true blessing!!! I also had the wonderful opportunity to assist with one of the world's largest agency Artists by Timothy Priano assisting fall photo shoot for clothing line Alice&Olivia..  Going on almost four years with ABC/7 with Liz Cho and the Eyewitness News Team now also working with Channel 4/NBC The Today Show and other TV shows connected with NBC!!!Needless to say I even did make up in the "United Nations" this year!! With all of this going on I have been booked religiously every single weekend with my "BRIDE'S"... I started out in the bridal field joining MAC Cosmetics for over 5yrs. in management but always had my passion for "BRIDAL" Just so you all know 2010 will gear towards my "BRIDES".... So I am getting ready and I am about to soon introduce you my "Team".. Can't wait!!

(ABC..our favorite weather girl&my favorite co-worker Ms.Heidi Jones)
BackStage with Whitney

The EVE PEARL Team!!!

I will be back to talk about my favorite "PRODUCTS" and my Fave's in my kit and what I use on Liz Cho and also some of Sade Baderinwa's favorites too!!!   So check back soon..I will also be talking about my airbrush techniques as well..

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  1. LOVE your blog!!!<3 Denise

  2. Awesome!!! Cant wait to see what's in your fave's kit!!! You did a great job on Kim Puglio's wedding Day make-up. I look forward to photographing more of your brides in the future!!